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▶ Want to acquire Bitcoin? ✔
In-person/ cash money exchange: https://localbitcoins.com/?ch=dq5j
Normal exchanges:
CoinMama – https://www.coinmama.com/?ref=kubera
WhaleClub – https://whaleclub.co/join/9EUhnZ

▶ Want a safe location (purse) to save your coins?
Ledger – https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/0680

▶ Want a Bitcoin Debit card?
CryptoPay – https://goo.gl/JBdmnX

▶ Want to wager as well as play on your coins?
BinEvo – https://goo.gl/TCCv83
Casino site – https://www.betchain-casino.com/refer/7b6ef41c
LOTTERY – https://goo.gl/BTB3DT

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