Abandoned Kitten with Eyes Infected Have Been Rescued and Adopted

Poor abandoned kitten was screaming loudly around a pagoda with eyes infected, wounds and dirty shape.

He is around three months old, he was sent to animal hospital immediately after reported by animal lovers.

Vets had cleaned up his wounds and dirty body but they didn’t know what’s happened with him.

They used IV Tubing Medication Label to improve his health condition safety with artificial tears and disinfectant spray.

His physical condition is normal but he needs surgery to remove one left eye that strong infected.

After surgery he was getting better but he has only one eye and keeping fighting to live from suffering so poor.

Many generous people have provided strongly support with amazing donation for his medical bills and made his life better.

One month had been treated him fully heal and he was familiar without left eye being happy again.

He has adopted by a woman who gave lot of loves, cares and new home that was inspired to human should be kind for all animals.

Courtesy: NOopim Jung

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