Exploding Kittens C3 Construction Toys Mini-Figures and House Scene Set

Squirrel Stampede toy testimonials, unboxes, and builds the Exploding Kitten’s Scene Establish House and 8 collectable Mini-figures from C3 Construction and also Basic Fun!

Mini figures to accumulate with codes revealed on bags consist of; Dynamite Kitten, Tacocat, Hairy Potato Cat, Cattermelon, Rainbow Ralphing Cat, Catterwocky, Pig-A-Corn, as well as Bear-O-Dactyl! Each buildable mini-figure features a perk card for an unjust benefit at Exploding Kittens!

The Exploding Kittens House Scene collection, includes 317 Pieces, of exploding home building enjoyable! Blow out the windows and doors with an exploding kitty occurrence. Includes 3 mini-figures, accessories, and also Exclusive Bonus card for even more unjust advantages !!! Great screen item for your Exploding Kitten’s minis!

Located USA retail Target, Mini-figures $3.99 each
Residence $19.99.


Silly Little Things.
Sweet Countryside.
Sweet Fingerpicking.
Mansions and also castles.

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