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UPGRADE JUNE 22: Three brand-new container feeder kitties have joined us from our brand-new colony as well as will be sharing this stream with Chlomona as well as her kittens. Their nest: http://TinyKittens.com/harvie

UPDATE MAY 31: Chloe will be putting on the “weansie” (discouraging onesie) on and also off to help her milk dry up much faster. Her body has to recover from chronic maternity, and also we would love to start stabilizing her kidneys as well as getting her healthy and balanced enough for her oral surgery asap, but we can not do that till she quits nursing kittycats.

UPGRADE MAY 11: Aura got a check-up today. Remarkably, after 140 tube feedings her lungs are still clear and Dr. F was blown away by just how good she looks. We still have a long roadway in advance, however she doesn’t appear to mind television feedings and is exceptionally cute and also satisfied or else. Chloe, Ramona and the other kitties all look great too.

UPGRADE MAY 2: Aura mosted likely to the vet today for a check-up since of her stuffy nose that has been forcing her to breathe through her mouth, and also her reduced lip is establishing a sore. The bright side is that her temp is typical, her lungs are clear (yay), her respiration price excels and also she continues to be an energetic little fighter. Diagnosis continues to be guarded, but everyday obtains us a bit better.

UPDATE MAY 1: Chloe is being dealt with for mastitis, which is fairly uneasy. It is helpful for kittycats to registered nurse on her. Mood’s nose is stale, so she has been taking a breath with her mouth every so often. It could look alarming, but it is the very same as when we obtain a chilly and cannot take a breath through our noses.

PLEASE NOTE: This is real-time, uncensored rescue truth. We make ourselves at risk by relaying online, 24/7, due to the fact that our team believe it is vital to share the mainly hidden fact of pet cat overpopulation with the world … even when it breaks our hearts. If you have concerns concerning what you are seeing, the remedy is to become advocates for spaying, compassion, neutering as well as trap-neuter-return (TNR).

While heartbreak is unpreventable in the work that we do, we hope you will certainly take wonderful comfort and happiness observing the improvements of the pet cats and kitties saved, that would certainly or else have actually never gotten a possibility to experience the love, comfort and pampered lives they are worthy of.

Thank you for viewing!

CHLOE (4/22): Brie – tortie # 1, Fontina – tortie # 2, Colby – lighter ginger, Cheddar – darker ginger, Aura – tortie tuxie with cleft taste
RULA (4/19): Nakia – tortie
RAMONA (4/17): Huggins – Yellow Collar; Ribsy – Blue Collar; Beezus – Green collar

Over the bridge: Ramona’s Quimby as well as Little Prince, Rula’s Okoye and also T’Challa

UPDATE APRIL 22: Chloe offered birth to five stunning kittycats this early morning. Four are doing well so far, but Aura has a substantial cleft taste with 2 big openings. We have a professional encouraging us, and while the prognosis is safeguarded, we will proceed to tube feed every 2-4 hrs all the time and also do everything we could to obtain her large enough for surgery in 16-24 weeks.

Chloe Ramona are ferals elevating their last trashes of kitties in safety and also convenience. They come from a nest of even more than 230 feral cats, where 90% have actually been spayed/neutered many thanks to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) initiatives. Our volunteers offer daily treatment as well as feeding to the pet cats that stay at the nest, despite rain, snow or face-spider period. Fulfill their nest family and friends: http://TinyKittens.com/happyforest

UPDATE APRIL 3, 2018: A third expectant feral called Rula has joined our feral caternity ward. She is likewise from the Happy Forest.

UPDATE APRIL 2, 2018: Gwen “unintentionally” caught a pregnant feral pet cat, so we are going to see just how she does sharing an area with Chloe. Chloe (ginger + white) as well as Ramona (pure black) are from the exact same colony, so it is most likely they know each various other.

Chloe, Rula and Ramona will become part of our new task to map the DNA of her feral cat nest. http://tinykittens.com/dna

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Thank mew a lot to every person that is enjoying!

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