Five Guys Kittens – Cuddle Break 2018-08-29

With ALL the eyedrops these individuals are continuing to obtain, and especially with Pickles proceeding to get the feared antibiotics, it’s actually essential that they obtain some check outs which are totally un-medication relevant. They’re kittycats – and also Lizzie was far from the only one to believe that if there was a fencing there, it should be dominated.

The Five Guys have poor eye infections and also nasal blockage and they all have varying levels of vision, from both eyes being open to both being closed as well as phases in between. They’re recouping well, though their eyes still look a little harsh as well as they’re getting normal treatment.

Tux with white area on nose – Peanut
Tux with white chin – Tomato
Gray – Pickles
Tabby – Jalapeno
Black tux (Black face w/small appeal & bikini) – Relish

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