Fun Baby Animal Care Kids Game – Cute & Tiny Superheroes – Little Kitten Brave Pets to the Rescue

Charming & Tiny Superheroes – Brave Pets to the Rescue – Cute & Tiny Baby Games By TutoPLAYS
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Adorable & Tiny Superheroes video game for ladies and kids, young boys and also young children welcomes little ones to reveal just how kind as well as brave they are! Come to be the best pet assistant in Cute & Tiny Superheroes game for children and also young boys, women and toddlers!

Oh-oh, a fluffy white kitten is stuck on a tree! Obtain your devices and assist cat Sue rescue the cat! What an unfortunate meow noise! Bring the little kitty to the family pet physician and heal its paw! Remarkable! You saved the child feline, little animal hero!

Oh no, a cute pink computer mouse is shed as well as in pain! Bring the tiny animal to the pet dog doctor and also recover its tail! The infant computer mouse is so pleased in its brand-new comfy residence!

Bird moms and dads need your help too, little superhero! Their babies got lost! Explore the city park for children, clean up the mess and also discover all the infant birds! The bird family members is reunited! So charming! Good job, little city hero!

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