Gaia’s Kittens – Fuzzball Tag

A couple minutes of mom-vs-kittens tag, then once she’s got them appropriately ended up she clears up back to view the fun! Terre isn’t done aiming to capture mom’s tail however, and does an absolutely lovable whappy paws strike off the column. Everyone else? They’re active chasing Lok.

Gaia comes from a household, as well as will be returning to them once her kittens are taken on and she has been made sterile. She is a wonderful floofy tabby. Her kittens were born upon March 14, 2017.

Kittycat # 1: Maa (” mah” – Estonian/Finnish) Cream, child. Kitten # 2: Meret (” meh-REH-t” – Amharic) Classic/marble tabby, boy. Kitten # 3: Terre Rayée (” Tair Ray-Ee”, French) Mackerel tabby, lady. Kitten # 4: Lok (Low-k (k, as in Oak), Thai) Black, young boy. Kitten # 5: Krajina (” cry-nah” – Slovak) Cream, woman.
Kittycat # 6: Aina (” eye-nah”, Hawaiian, “returned to planet”): Tux girl, stillborn. Kitty # 7: Ela (” ay-la”, Cherokee) Black, woman.

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