Gaia’s Kittens – Leaving for Vet 4-29

Minion is in to assist John load up the cats. Mom’s not as well sure regarding this “carrier” thing. Innocent little kitties, they’re just interested. Minion takes care of to pop them all right into the carrier in almost no time at all. Mom gets strokings and all delighted, after that got and jumped into HER carrier. She’s still unsure concerning this. We’ll see if she depends on Minion again when they get back.;-RRB-.

Gaia comes from a family members, and also will certainly be going back to them once her kittycats are embraced and she has been spayed. She is a wonderful floofy tabby. Her kitties were born on March 14, 2017.

Kitty # 3: Terre Rayée (” Tair Ray-Ee”, French) Mackerel tabby, lady. Kittycat # 5: Krajina (” cry-nah” – Slovak) Cream, girl.
Kittycat # 6: Aina (” eye-nah”, Hawaiian, “went back to earth”): Tux woman, stillborn. Kittycat # 7: Ela (” ay-la”, Cherokee) Black, woman.

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