Gaia’s Kittens – Meret Check 4-17

Quick check on Meret, since reports were in that he’d thrown up about ten minutes prior. No sign, which is fine. Between meetings kitten count and snuggle, and moving the ones who are awake to a more visible location. Those tucked up napping on the shelves will stay napping on the shelves. They’re fine there, just melt into the dark backdrop a bit.

Gaia belongs to a family, and will be going back to them once her kittens are adopted and she has been spayed. She is a lovely floofy tabby. Her kittens were born on March 14, 2017.

Kitten #1: Maa (“mah” – Estonian/Finnish) Cream, boy. Kitten #2: Meret (“meh-REH-t” – Amharic) Classic/marble tabby, boy. Kitten #3: Terre RayĆ©e (“Tair Ray-Ee”, French) Mackerel tabby, girl. Kitten #4: Lok (Low-k (k, as in Oak), Thai) Black, boy. Kitten #5: Krajina (“cry-nah” – Slovak) Cream, girl.
Kitten #6: Aina (“eye-nah”, Hawaiian, “returned to earth”): Tux girl, stillborn. Kitten #7: Ela (“ay-la”, Cherokee) Black, girl.

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