Gaia’s Kittens – Morning 5-18

Moments John is really thankful he silenced himself on his teleconference. The individual he’s speaking to probably would not appreciate being called “a huge sweetie” also if she is.;-RRB- The kittycats certainly are, today, and they’re doing their ideal to draw John right into staying. Also negative he cannot.

Gaia belongs to a family, as well as will be going back to them when her kittens are adopted as well as she has actually been purified. She is a charming floofy tabby. Her kittycats were born upon March 14, 2017.

Kitty # 1: Maa (” mah” – Estonian/Finnish) Cream, child. Kitty # 2: Meret (” meh-REH-t” – Amharic) Classic/marble tabby, young boy. Kittycat # 3: Terre Rayée (” Tair Ray-Ee”, French) Mackerel tabby, lady. Kitten # 4: Lok (Low-k (k, as in Oak), Thai) Black, boy. Kitty # 5: Krajina (” cry-nah” – Slovak) Cream, lady.
Kitten # 6: Aina (” eye-nah”, Hawaiian, “returned to planet”): Tux woman, stillborn. Kitten # 7: Ela (” ay-la”, Cherokee) Black, woman.

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