If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Special 4: Kitten & Tzeentch play a Children’s Card Game

Thanks to Adeptus Adamaris for updated Bird Magnus and Cat Kitten, and Gods-and-Kings for the original Magnus

Thanks to Garrot for art of Epic Magnus (NERDRAGE)

And big thanks to Baklaher who has drawn the best Chaos God art to date

ThunderPsyker as the Custodes

Zegram as Magnus

Kiwi as Tzeentch


A Deep Voice – myuu
13 days of nightmare – Simon Wilkinson
Luigi Circuit – Mario Kart Double Dash Music
Hammer of War – Marcus Eklöf
DecodingHistory – Pro Scores
Arcane Voices – Amethystium
Dark Rider – Audiomachine
Comb Duel – Yu-Gi-Oh 4kids dub
Passionable Duelist – Yu Gi Oh OST
Maximillion Pegasus – Yu-Gi-Oh 4kids dub
seinfeld theme on kazoo by thunderpsyker

Image Sources (order of appearance):

The Custodian
Source: ”Custodian Terminator Squad” by Sam Wood, Horus Heresy CCG.

Magnus the Red

Tzeentch Version 1:
Tzeentch Version 2:
Tzeentch Version 3:
Tzeentch Version 4:

Kitten’s redundant duel disk

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