Koko Amazing Talking Gorilla – Befriends kitten & gorilla (recounts death of mother by poachers)

Koko the Gorilla uses sign language to communicate with people, the depth of her capability to interact is just unbelievable and pleads the inquiry of how smart gorillas really are. Constantly Koko has performed just 1 year behind a human & has an excellent IQ. She befriends 2 kittens as well as makes pals with 2 male gorillas, one of which recounts the tragic loss of his mom to poachers when he was simply a baby.

Connect to full docudrama (DVD) – http://www.koko.org/dvds

Link to full youtube docudrama – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oh1uhrdc6w

Contribute to Koko Foundation – http://www.koko.org/support-us-donate

Connect to the Koko Foundation – http://www.koko.org

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