Konrad the Kitten – a virtual but real cat: Play with a VR kitten on HTC Vive

Gameplay from Konrad the Kitty, a game where you could transform your preferred stuffed animal right into a Virtual Reality kittycat.

Strap your HTC Vive Virtual Reality movement controller to a luxurious plaything and also transform it right into a digital truth cat! This game is like the VR variation of a Tamagotchi, it has you checking in on a kitten everyday and also caring for its everyday demands. Assist your kitty hunt computer mice, catch fish, poop in a litterbox, scrape trees, as well as do a variety of other cat activities.

One of the one-of-a-kind features regarding this video game is you’re meant to band your HTC Vive controller to a deluxe plaything. You don’t really push any controller switches to play, just move the toy around. Since your VR kittycat really feels like a soft feline, strapping the activity controller to a plush plaything makes the game extra immersion.

Official game description of Konrad the Kitten on Steam:
” Konrad the Kitten– a digital however real cat

Only playable with an HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headset!

You like cats and also kittycats? This is your possibility to have a digital one which feels real.
If you do not such as cats that a lot, maybe you’re, maybe Konrad can be the possibility to make your precious one to love your super-expensive Virtual Reality Headset.

Konrad the Kitten is a little Virtual Reality video game created for the HTC Vive, with a hybrid virtual/real kitten you need to take care of. By repairing an HTC Vive Controller on one of your plush toys, you bring this plaything into virtual fact. The HTC Vive tracks your luxurious toy and changes it with a cute kitten in the digital globe. This allows -for the first time- to not just see a virtual pet dog but additionally literally touch, raise, snuggle and also play with it.

Every day when you look after Konrad, he has 12 wishes. Some of them are passive (like having him sleep) as well as some of them need you to actively play with Konrad (like hunting computer mice). By fulfilling these desires Konrad get’s delighted and also brand-new areas, minigames as well as items are unlocked.

How it functions and also ways to play
To play it, you need an HTC Vive and (for finest experience) a luxurious toy with at the very least 12 inch (30 centimeters) dimension. The luxurious toy does not require to be a pet cat, it could be anything matching. You could additionally play the video game without a luxurious toy yet after that a great deal of the immersion is lost.

Preparing the video game
Take care of one of the HTC Vive Controllers upside-down on the back of the deluxe toy (for instance with rubber bands or scrunchies). Assure that it’s repaired appropriate, so the controller can not slide off the cat while playing.
2. Location the plush plaything (with the controller on its back) on the ground in the middle of your backyard.
3. Switch off the second (other) Vive Controller (by holding its steam switch 15 seconds).
4. Start the game

Playing the video game.
1. As soon as the video game has launched, you’ll see Konrad resting in the center of the play area.
The marker will turn eco-friendly after calibration.
3. Then put the kittycat on the Warp Zone marker to visit the location selection.
Location the pet cat on this area marker to go inside the residence. Other locations will be unlocked when satisfying the cat’s demands.
5. Location the feline on the ground at one of the things. The cat will communicate with the item. While interacting, you’ll see the progression bar inside the wish-icon altering. After Konrad is done, the wish-icon goes away.
6. After a need is met, small hearts will appear. Catch them by relocating Konrad to them. Each heart will certainly enhance Konrad’s fondness to you.
7. Some desires will activate minigames. When playing a minigame (like the mouse-hunting), hold Konrad in both hands so he averts from you. Relocate him around so he can catch the targets. He will automatically get after the target, when he is near one.
8. Accomplish Konrad’s demands to unlock various other items, areas as well as minigames.
9. Konrad has 12 demands daily. Make certain to care for him the next day again!

Why repairing a deluxe plaything on a controller simply for playing a game?
The combination of a plush plaything standing for the online pet cat in the real life provides an unique experience. You (or your partner;-RRB-) can actually touch the feline, it’s cosy, you could lift it, removal it around. That differs from all experiences where you just have the controllers in your hand and press buttons.”

Have a look at Konrad the Kitten – a genuine however online cat on Steam:

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