Mew Year’s Kittens – Morning Crazles 2018-01-09

Champagne is most definitely channeling Hazel (mama of the Looney Tunes kittycats) also known as Crazel. She’s obtained a burr this morning, and it has to be infectious, since Mimosa participates it also! And for those waiting on Mims to obtain the get on Cham, she did this morning. She spent for it, but I presume it was completely worth it.:D.

Presenting Champagne and also Mimosa – believed to be sis, they were found by the side of the roadway and also brought to Purrfect Pals. Mimosa is concerning a pound lighter compared to Champagne, as well as not rather at spay weight. The tortie is Champagne, the panther is Mimosa.

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