Olympian Kittens – Mama Play, and Teaching Puck NO

Mama Olympia suches as the little foam balls also – if Puck would certainly leave her alone and allow her play. He’s obtained ants in his pants tonite, though, and requires a little an “I am still Mama, and I’m still larger than you, BEHAVE” smack down. Advantage Olympia is fully as much as the job.

Mom Olympia was surrendered with her 3 kittycats. The kittens were born November 22.
Black boy with Mankini: Button (facility of target in Curling).
Black kid: Puck (Hockey).
Tabby lady: Sequins (every lady ice skater ever before and also some guys).

Mama & her kitties were given up to the shelter, we do not know much concerning their background. They were all badly ravaged with fleas which is why Olympia is missing out on huge areas of her layer because of flea allergies.

Mom is FIV+ (Feline immunodeficiency infection) and also the kitties picked it up from her. FIV kittycats & pet cats could live long as well as normal lives yet their immune system is damaged. The kitties have the possible to shed the FIV virus by the time they’re 6 months old.

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