Shelby – Nursing sleepy kitten periscope

Periscope of sleepy cuteness, since cute. Because he can, and. Because kitten – the additional factor for all things (considering that “since feline” is the primary reason).

When the kitties were older, they caught Shelby & her kittycats, taking them to the Everett Animal Shelter as well as from there she came to Purrfect Pals. She as well as several of her kittens were placed in a foster house until it was time for their spay & neuters.

Surprise kittycat birthed on the method home from the vet, 3pm August 29th 2017. Drawing winner # 2 selected the name Lizzie, for the Tin Lizzie Model T. Prior just live kitten birthed at 10:38 am, August 25th 2017. The champion of the calling draw liked the short-term name Sparky, so that is currently her formal name – Sparkplug/Sparky.

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