Shy & Scared stray kitten visits us in the mountains every day (UPDATE VIDEO)

Soon after relocating right into our place here in the hills, this adorable little kitten started hanging around our front door on a daily basis. She’s clearly a wild feline (very afraid of individuals) yet, despite her hesitation she delights in being around us (or the great food we leave for her on a daily basis).

She quit coming by for regarding one week. We were stressed over her, but … instantly, she began re-appearing once again, as well as this time around … she brought some good friends with her.

The orange/beige feline in the end, who additionally began to turn up sometimes, has actually plainly been wounded (we think, by an additional wild animal). Anytime this damaged cat comes by, we provide her the best/most healthy food we purchase- especially for her/him, to assist the recovery process.

Thanks for everybody’s passion in our simple journeys in nature, and also our passion in assisting animals and individuals, any kind of time we’re fortunate enough to be given the possibility.

PJ & Risa


Killigrew (Opening, and also Ending track).

Jonny Easton – Fireflies (Middle track).

We will certainly submit updates and comparable videos often. A most authentic ‘thank you’ (and, Arigatou Gozaimashita from Risa) to every one of our Subscribers.

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