Tiny Terror – Simon’s Cat | KITTEN COLLECTION

Enjoy our Kitten Collection Volume 2 – a compilation of a lot more films featuring your favorite mischievous kitten, being an annoying little bro!
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Collection modified by Julia Young

Muddy Paws – https://youtu.be/CLnHzv7OKao
Bed Sheets – https://youtu.be/P3y8vc-3iVU
Mirror Mirror – https://youtu.be/G5FUH3eoizc
Scrape Post – https://youtu.be/sz-UQfw8Qeg
Imitator – https://youtu.be/IuHnAq6PMT4
Waiting Game – https://youtu.be/TayIfVa0QPs
Kitten Crazy Time – https://youtu.be/BkIuZVGTkM0

Love Simon’s Cat?
View our 12 min colour movie ‘Off to the Vet’ – https://youtu.be/GTUruS-lnEo

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Desire to know even more regarding the background of Simon’s Cat?
Enjoy the Simon’s Cat Story right here – http://goo.gl/Vfx2JS


Q. What software application do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is used Adobe Flash/ TV Paint/ CelAction animation software application.

Q. Why does it take so long making each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Animation is a sluggish procedure as well as Simon’s Cat films pay particular focus to observed, genuine life cat behaviour. Each film takes approximately 6-9 weeks to make, depending on complexity, number of personalities as well as unique results.

Q. Where can I acquire Simon’s Cat merchandise?
A. You could purchase Simon’s Cat products from the main webshop – https://simonscat.theofficialwebshop.com/

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