TRIPLE DEFUSE EXTREME! | Board at Work (Exploding Kittens Funny Moments)



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Hey everybody CheezyBreezi is here and welcome back to her channel. Today she is joined by NewScapePro, RainyJ, and JonJon. They will be playing Exploding Kittens today. Exploding Kittens in a fun game where players are dealt a hand of cards that give them powers such as skip a turn, give a player two turns, steal from another player, or defuse an exploding kitten. Exploding Kittens are placed throughout the deck, if you draw one you must defuse it with a defuse card, if you don’t have one then you get exploded.

They put the game table in the middle of the road. They’ll need to look out for traffic. On RainyJ’s first turn she draws an exploding kitten. Luckily every player has at least one defuse card in their hand. She defuses it and now gets to place the exploding kitten back into the deck. She can choose to place it on top or try to explode a certain player if she so chooses. Jon decides to take a card from Cory. Cory gives him a good card so that they may start a fruitful alliance. This turns out to be another of Cory’s classic tricks. He takes back a card from Jon but it turns out to be a different one. Bri pulls another defuse card on her turn. Very lucky.

RainyJ pulls a card that’s not an exploding kitten! Cory pulls a card even though he wanted to skip his turn, RainyJ forces him to take the card he’s already pulled. Cory decides that he’s going to steal from Jon again. Jon being a nice guy gives Cory his defuse card. Probably not the best move. Cory pulls a card and declares that he won. He probably has like five defuse cards now. Jessica uses a see the future card that allows her to look at the top three cards and put them back. Jon asks Cory for a favor and Cory gives him his defuse card back. Just in time to defuse an exploding kitten. Will Bri pull out a victory? Or will Cory make good on his promise that he already won?

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