VLOG: Picking Up Our New Kitten MIA πŸ’• | Bonnie Hu

I just grabbed our new kitten Mia! I was truthfully so nervous for an entire week despite the fact that I have actually had feline in your home before. She’s been so affectionate as well as cute!! So lucky to have her in out life!!!

Here are some of her social media links if you wish to see extra from her (a growing number of videos and also images will increase soon).

Mia’s Instagram” www.instagram.com/msmiameow.
Mia’s Facebook” www.facebook.com/msmiameow.
Mia’s Twitter” www.twitter.com/msmiameow.
Mia’s YouTube” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuCfCStU4wy7fjcBAy5PKkQ.



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Frequently Asked Question “.

1. What electronic camera and also illumination do you make use of?
I used Canon 600d for both pictures and videos. I had been making use of Canon 50mm f1.8 lens before November 2014 (I damaged it …) then began using Canon 40mm f2.8 as my prime lens. From February 2015 onwards, I began utilizing a ring light as my lighting; before the date it has actually always been all-natural illumination.

2. What race are you?
I’m 100% Chinese, I was born as well as increased in Shanghai, China. I relocated to New Zealand on my own when I was 17.

3. Exactly what’s your accent?
English is my 2nd language, as well as my English wasn’t efficient all when I initially relocated to New Zealand. I got a lot of my English from my partner Joe. So at the end of day my accent is quite hybrid, somewhat kiwi (NZ) accent as well as some additional accent I don’t even recognize haha.

4. How high are you?
I’m just 5 feet!

Even more FAQ on my blog ➝ http://www.bonniebeautyxo.com/p/about.html.


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